In the movie, “I, Robot,” Will Smith plays Del Spooner, a homicide detective in the future where personal robots are the norm and everything is run by some form of robot, from cars to garbage collection (where the robots in human form actually use proper lifting technique, using their legs, to lift a heavy garbage container up to a truck). Throughout the movie, you see Del’s flashbacks to an accident he had that caused the loss of his left arm and giving him a prosthetic replacement that looks very natural and is based on the technology thats even ahead of it’s time then. Something he likes to keep hidden from as many people as possible. During the investigation of the death of the scientist who created his arm, the psychologist from the same company, discovers his arm and asks how he got it.

Del recounts the story of the day he was driving down the highway when this truck veers over, smashing his car into the one next to him, sending both cars off a bridge into deep water. He can see the driver of the next car is knocked out and his daughter screaming for help. He himself is trapped but, being a police officer, knows what his fate is and starts to accept that he will die. All of the sudden, this robot smashes his passenger window reaches in, grabs him and pulls him out. The whole time, he is yelling at the robot to, “Save her! Save the girl!” We then learn that the robot had calculated the survival chances of each and Del had the higher percentage, barely. The girl and her father end up drowning. Since that day, Del has had a bias against robots.

I have felt, and sometimes still do feel like Del in that car when he was screaming, “Save her! Save the girl!”

For by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God; -Ephesians 2:8

I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and very clearly remember living there for 11 months. However, my mother tells me that we only lived there 10 months after I was born before we moved to Enid, Oklahoma because my parents enrolled in Phillips Seminary. Over the next few years as they attended seminary, we moved from Enid to Sharon, Kansas back to Enid and then to Covington, Oklahoma, just outside of Enid while my parents had student churches. I remember the day care there and throwing paper airplanes in the library with my father and the other guys. I have been told that I even played with my toy trucks up in front of the class room while the professor taught.

Which makes me the youngest, that I know of, to attend seminary.

After they graduated, we moved to Louisiana for 3 years and then up to Iowa where my parents ministered to churches where we lived. Growing up, it was a given that I went to church, I didn’t even think about not going. I remember going through the class before I was baptized and the experience of my father baptizing me. I witnessed my parents selfishly give of themselves and help others out. As I grew older, I got involved in the youth group. I became a student leader of different groups at school and church. At church camp, I was elected as a co-president that I served my senior year. Everyone at school knew who I was and knew that I was a Christian. In fact, one time, when I was out with friends doing what high schoolers did, some alcohol was being passed around and I actually tried to reach for it. My friends all pulled it away from me before I could grab it, saying “you don’t drink!” It was like reverse peer pressure. I didn’t fight them and I actually felt cool that they respected how I had been throughout my high school life when it came to drinking. This just furthered my “I’m good” state of mind. I didn’t realize at the time that it was God’s protection around me.

I looked like the good pastor’s kid from the outside. Except, maybe,for the long hair and earring that came with college. But from the inside, I didn’t have that relationship with God that I am seeking now. Oh, I believed in Jesus Christ, and I took him as my Lord and Savior to be sure. I even kept a couple of copies of the Bible on my book shelf. But my pride, as what I thought I was, as being good or set, got in the way and I told God, “Save them, they need your help, save them! I’m good.” I figured since I had good parents who loved me and took care of me, because I did good things, because people thought good of me, because I didn’t do drugs or drink or fight or whatever, because I didn’t have big problems in my life, because I had believed in Jesus Christ as long as I could remember, because of all of this I was good to go. I was set. I would almost envy some of the people that I saw meeting with my parents because they had these problems or obstacles to overcome and they would turn to God who would help them through them. Nothing like a Christian who has no problems, right?

Jesus said to his disciples, “Stumbling blocks are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come! -Luke 17:1

Many people think that stumbling blocks are external things. Other people, life circumstances, visual media, or distractions are what come to mind when stumbling blocks are mentioned. Sometimes, the biggest stumbling block is ourself. I was for sure my own block. I guess you could have called me a blockhead.

Because I thought I was good and was asking God to save others, I put myself out on my own, in my head anyway. I took control of my life and decided where or what I should do with out looking for guidance from God. I was like a student who thought he knew and understood the subject and so he didn’t ask the teacher for help or guidance or even listen in class. But soon he fell behind, but because he had already set it in his mind that he didn’t need help, he still didn’t ask for help. Before I knew it, I was lost and looking for help. I started looking for something to help me. (I will go more into detail later about this time of my life.)

The first Wednesday that I was in California, I went to my son’s church to spend time with him. We met and worshipped together. Then after worship, the youth went to their meeting place while the adults stayed for the message from the pastor. My desire and reason for being there was to be with my son to see what he does so I planned on going with the youth. But, just before they left, I got this feeling that I was supposed to stay for the message. During that message, it clicked… The something I was looking for had always been right there waiting for me. That something was God Himself who never left me and kept putting the desire to search for Him.

…so that they would search for God and perhaps grope around for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. -Acts 17:27

If Del Spooner got his wish that he was asking the robot to do, save the girl, he would have perished in a watery grave. And like Del, if God actually did what I asked of Him, instead of constantly being there to pull me back, I too would end up perishing without His gift of eternal life.

It is never too late to ask God to help you. Be sure to ask for His help in guiding you though. It isn’t good enough to ask Him to help you with your plans. He has plans for you to prosper you. And His will will be done. No matter how far you think you have strayed from God, He is always an arms length away. Not because He follows you off course… But rather, His arms are all encompassing and can reach anywhere He desires.


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