Life Purpose Reflected in On-line Life?

While attempting to read at a local coffee shop, I couldn’t help but overhear a couple of young ladies loudly conversing with each other. Although my brain wasn’t really fast enough to keep up with the conversation, let alone just one sentence, I did catch one quote.

“Facebook should really be called Stalk-book, because that is what you are doing!”

It struck me funny and my initial response was to pull out my phone and tweet the quote-of-day which then also is listed as my Facebook status… But then… I didn’t.

“Why not?”, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you, thanks for asking.

As I reached for my phone to share with my online friends this what I thought was a hilarious statement, a thought crossed my mind:

1) Is it really necessary to share this tidbit of hilarity;

2) Is it promoting something good and worthwhile or something that is basically watering down stale gravy;

3) What really is Facebook for?”

The answers for the first two were very simple. 1) Yes it is… Sorta… Kinda… Maybe, it’s funny and hence this little note I am writing. 2) It is watering down stale gravy. It isn’t making anything or anyone better… By itself. It’s just funny in a silly stupid kind of way. But what it did do is get me to start questioning myself (once again) about Facebook and my reason why I use it and how I use it.

So, on the answer number three.

What really is Facebook for? Just like any social media, it is for the simple sharing of quick information. Personal, professional, pertinent, pictoral or possibly stupid as the information may be, it is shared just as easily. Some use it as daily minutes of their activities. “Brushing my teeth getting ready for work now.” Some use it to quickly pass information about an event. Others post meaningful or insightful information. Some use it to “stalk” as many people as they can. Some actually use it to keep in touch with people they would never had done so without it. Many people use it for just as many reasons. But what really matters to me mostly is what do I use it for? If I’m not careful, this could easily turn into a what is my purpose in life sort of thing. Of course, thinking about it that way makes it simple.

My purpose in life is to continue to learn how to and to have a personal relationship with God, be a great (as I can be) husband, be the best (as I can be) dad, and then be the best whatever else it is God calls me to do. So, keeping that in mind… I must guide my postings accordingly. Posting a funny quote about Stalk-book… I mean, Facebook, is just plainly and simply funny. Therefore, it is not really worth posting as my status as it doesn’t fall in any of the above. (Notice there is no “Other” category)

Now, posting a crazy looking penguin on Facebook and tagging it with my son’s name… That, to me, is just part of being a great dad. (I might have to explain the penguin thing later…)


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