Easy to hate, hard to love

A British General once said, “We must teach our men to hate, for what men hate they will fight.” It is easy to mobilize men to fight based on hate. Make the enemy bad enough, harmful enough, threatening enough and build the hate the disgust in them enough and you can have men attack, fight and wipe out the slightest or meekest of things in this world. It’s hard to build men up in love. To move them through love. To reach out in love, to walk or even crawl over shards of glass across the land to reach one soul to save. To hate means you get to keep yourself as you want but to love means you must lose yourself, die to self and give of yourself. It’s hard to mobilize men to move out of love. We have to do just that, though, to win this world. We must, from love, and as hard as it is, move men to love and all that goes with that.

Hate kills – Love dies
Hate destroys – Love builds
Hate keeps – Love gives
Hate is easy – Love is hard
Hate brings down – Love lifts up
Hate demands – Love offers
Hate needs fed – Love feeds


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