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Someone who is doing his best to live purely for Jesus, be the best husband to his wife, best father to his children and then go from there...

Getting to a faith like a child

Jesus will meet us where we are, but then he won’t let us stay there. He keeps on moving. We need faith like a child to follow him. Continue reading

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Why would God be for us?

We attempt to do things in our will and hope that God will be for us. Once we know the “why” of His love, we will make those changes to be in His will. Continue reading

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A Moving Experience

When you give up control, you are able to be closer to God. As you go forth from your time in the word or in church, you should become deeper in the water and bear more and more fruit. Find your awe of God and let him move you. He just might actually move you like he moved us. Continue reading

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My Plans are IMPOSSIBLE!

When we try to accomplish our goals, we are trying to do the impossible… and many times it feels like it. But through Jesus, we can do all things. Continue reading

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Love in 4D

Love. Four letters that I am sure more creative people have acronymized into some phrase that brings responses of, “awwwww.” “L” is for longlasting. “O” is for odd. “V” is for I’m not good at this… What is love? We … Continue reading

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A lame dog lost in a cardboard forest

If you have ever followed someone who has asked you to close your eyes, you know how unsure it is to do so. Following God doesn’t always mean you know where you are going. Continue reading

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Stepping out of the boat… bye bye mountain

If God calls you out of the boat, you go. Even if you thought you were on solid ground. Continue reading

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